Tips for Achieving Your Summer Fitness Goals on Time

Use these tips to kick your training into high gear to achieve your fitness goals in time for Summer!

Tips for Achieving Your Summer Fitness Goals on Time
4 min. read 3/28/2024, 8:05 PM

It's officially Spring! That means... if you have any Summer fitness goals to achieve, now's the time to kick things into high gear!

Whether you're trying to build muscle, bigger glutes, or lose weight in time for Summer - we have the best tips to keep you motivated and on track to making your goals a reality!

Create a Structured Workout Plan

Always, always, always have a workout plan!

Working out without a plan will lead to slower results. It also increases your chances of skipping the gym simply because you don't have a workout in mind.

So, develop a structured workout plan tailored to your goals, schedule, and fitness level. Include a mix of cardio, strength training, flexibility exercises, and rest days for optimal results. Consistency is key to achieving your fitness goals on time.

Don't know how to plan effective workouts?

The One Fitness App is your solution. You can follow Iulia's (Fit.With.Iulia) very own workout plan or any of the goal-focused workout plans and challenges that she plans herself!

Prioritize Nutrition

What you do at the gym is not the only thing important. What you eat throughout the day will impact your results from your hard work at the gym.

So, if you want to make the most out of your time at the gym – prioritize proper nutrition! Fuel your body with nutrient-dense foods that support your fitness goals. Take it a step further and calculate and track your macros!

Tracking your macros will ensure you're getting enough protein, carbs, and fats to get you optimal results. It'll also give you room to include treats and other foods you enjoy! You can easily adjust your macros when needed, no more restrictive yo-yo dieting!

Track Your Progress

The best way to make sure you're on track to achieving your goals is by actually tracking your progress!

Keep track of your workouts, nutrition, and progress using a fitness journal, app, or wearable fitness tracker. But if you have the One Fitness App you can track everything directly on there! You can track the exercises you're doing along with the reps, sets, and weight used, track your macros, and even your personal progress (measurements, etc.)!

Monitoring your achievements, milestones, and setbacks can help you stay motivated and make necessary adjustments to your plan.

Focus on Consistency Over Perfection

Strive for consistency in your workouts and healthy habits rather than aiming for perfection. Accept that progress may come in small increments and stay committed to your fitness journey, even on challenging days.

Do a Challenge

Really ramp things up by following a fitness challenge! Challenges, like at One Fitness, include a pre-planned workout plan designed to help you achieve either muscle-building or fat-loss in a certain timeframe.

At One Fitness, we have three challenges available:

  1. 30-Day Lean Challenge
  2. 90-Day Get Strong Challenge
  3. 90-Day Summer Challenge

These challenges are planned by Iulia, who has years of experience with weight loss, muscle gain, etc. Her challenges are designed to push your limits and overcome plateaus, so you can witness incredible changes in your physique.

Get Adequate Rest and Recovery

Prioritize rest, sleep, and recovery to allow your body to recover, repair, and adapt to your workouts. Aim for 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night, practice relaxation techniques, and include active recovery days or gentle activities like yoga or stretching.

Adjust and Adapt

Be flexible and willing to adjust your workout plan, nutrition, and goals based on feedback from your body, progress, and changing circumstances. Listen to your body's cues, avoid overtraining, and seek guidance from fitness professionals if needed.

By following these tips, you can maximize your chances of achieving your summer fitness goals on time. Remember to stay consistent, stay focused on your goals, and enjoy the journey toward a healthier, stronger, and happier you this summer and beyond.

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