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I LOVE IT. Ever since started working out with Iulia I… have… been… defeated… her workouts are killer and I enjoy them everytime I do them! I’ve been doing legs and my boyfriend has noticed a difference in them and my booty (yay!) I also never EVER workout my arms and needed to badly and her workouts got me wanting to quit… but of course I push through and end up loving myself more for doing so cause girl… RESULTS 🙌🏼 if I could I’d rate this a 10 and higher I would but instead I will be highly recommending this app! 👏🏼 IT IS WORTH IT 👏🏼💪🏼
The best workout app!! I have followed Iulia’s fitness Instagram page for a few years and have used it for workout inspiration every now and then, but my biggest challenge in consistently working out has always been planning. I never knew what I wanted to do when I went to the gym so I always defaulted to leg day (my favorite day). This app gives me a clear plan with what I need to do each day with recommended sets and reps. It keeps me from neglecting working the parts of my body that I just may not know exactly what workouts to do for. The videos and written descriptions that go with each move make it super easy to see exactly how to do it correctly. It I have been using it for several months now and have seen dramatic changes in my weight and overall strength! I have been using the ‘Lose Body Fat at the Gym’ plan but there are different plans for whether you are wanting to just tone, strengthen, or build muscle. There are also home workouts if you can’t get to a gym. Overall I love love love this app, Iulia is the bomb❤️
10/10 HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I have been using a combination of “Lose Body Fat at the Gym” & “Build a Booty at the Gym” for almost 6 months now and have really seen an improvement! I started my fitness journey 1 year ago and it wasn’t until I started using this app that I saw real change! I appreciate how it started off with easing into a workout routine and has been advancing as the weeks go by! I’ve lost a total of 20 pounds in these 6 months and don’t plan on straying away from this app anytime soon :)
By far my favorite workout app. I started following Iulia on Instagram a few years back. I was in between workout programs and she had advertised her app so I decided to try it out. I haven’t used anything else since. I look forward to my workouts. I love keeping track of what I’m doing and how much weight I’ve lifted. I recently have started using the kitchen / macros part of the app as well and love it. The only thing I can complain about is sometimes I don’t have what I need at my gym to do certain workouts, but the alternatives help and if there is no alternative option I know enough now to know what would work just as well. Like I said I look forward to my workouts and typically look at what my workout will look like the day before and the day of. A lot of workouts will have you do the same stuff over and over but this program is always different so you’re not getting bored of doing the same workouts. Highly recommend!
Such a great fitness app! I’ve been following Iulia on Instagram for awhile and I’ve always enjoyed doing the workouts she posted on there but when I got to college it was hard to come up with my own routine everyday to workout. So I got her app and it’s been such a life saver! It’s great to just go to the gym and know you have a whole workout planned and easy to follow. She tells you how to do the exercises, how many reps and how long to rest in between. It’s great for all levels of fitness. There are also different workouts depending on your goals or what you have! I recommend it to everyone especially if you’re a busy person!
AMAZINGGG. I love love looooove this app. It’s well organized and has different sections for different goals. EVEN HOME WORKOUTS THAT WORK! I love it I’ve been using fit with iulia’s app for over 6 months and it’s really helped me! Thank you so much!!!!
BEST APP EVER. I can’t even express how much gratitude I have for Iulia for making this app. I have used this app for about two years and within that time have lost approximately TWENTY POUNDS and have gained so much muscle (my spaghetti arms are no more). It pushes you to be the best you can be, whether it be at home workouts or in the gym. At the end of January, I decided to switch my routine and try other apps just to see what was out there. Within two weeks, I came running back to fitwithiulia. It’s honestly the best, and I’m so excited to see where this app is going 💛✨
LOVE this app!! And the different workout options! I’ve been going to the gym and lifting for years so I wasn`t necessarily a beginner. But mom life / school was catching up to me and it was becoming very stressful to take the time and think about/write down my workouts for the week since i had goals to build more muscle. I decided to try the app for a month and have now been using for almost a year ☺️ I love that she changes up the workouts every week and has options for muscle building or fat loss. Or workouts at home. It makes my life easier going into the gym and already have my workout plan for the day! Thank you iulia for this app. I love it! Also since using the app I’ve learned new workouts and have seen the changes AND GROWTH in my body since it makes it easier for me to stay consistent!!
Love ! I have been using this app for almost a year now and I absolutely love it. From the variety of workout options to target whatever your fitness goals may be, to the new workouts updated every week, this is an awesome app! I personally love the new weekly workouts because I feel like I am training with an actual trainer (just inside my phone) ☺️HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED 💪
Best workout app- customizable and positive! Have tried lots of different workout apps and so many give little room for flexibility, don’t really let you build up. This is so amazing - I’ve followed Iulia on IG for years and the workouts are great. Can select cardio, HIIT, strength training, and really keep track of what you do that day/week. Love the summer challenges too. Each come with clear directions, most have alternatives. Recommend to anyone!
LOVE LOVE LOVE. Been using this app and following Iulia online for years! It’s so nice knowing exactly what I’ll be doing when I go into the gym! I love how it gives you alternatives if you don’t want to do a certain exercise or if it’s out of your level of fitness! Couldn’t recommend this app and person more! Thank you!!
Strong gal. Great program. I started Iulia’s workout early this year telling myself I was simply going to get in shape and follow my New Years resolutions. It’s been 3 full months and the improvements I have seen in my physique are amazing. I can lift more weight, there’s new lines on my body. If you stick to her program and push yourself you’ll definitely see some changes. If you ass some good dieting and healthy habits this app will DEFINITELY help you be stronger, more in shape, and overall healthier. Absolutely love her workouts and the app makes them easy to follow. Plus who doesn’t like seeing confetti on your screen after you complete a good workout?
Definitely recommend. With a free 7 day trial you’ve got nothing to lose - but if that doesn’t convince you maybe this will. The app has programs specific to every type of goal you might have whether it’s losing body fat, gaining muscle, or building a bigger booty, it’s on here. The programs are also divided into at home and in the gym so that it can meet your needs wherever you are! The best thing about it is that you have access to ALL programs when you pay for a subscription-not just one. Another thing I love about this app that other programs don’t always do is that the exercises don’t include weird machines that not every gym would have. It’s very good about making sure to include exercises that everyone can do. Overall it’s a great app that’s user friendly and I hope you’ll give it a try.
Yasssss girrl. I found this on your Instagram page and immediately had to get it!! I’m so happy it’s an app now !!! It made things so much easier and better. I love the different workouts each week and just the fact that there are different options for you to pick and chose on what your goal is like if you want to lose weight, or gain muscle !!! This app has it all, as well as home workouts !!! It’s so convenient! That is what I love most about the app!!! Get it no girl you;re helping so many of us especially me !!!!!
The Start to Something Better. I was in Cross Country throughout high school and I was always active, but once I got to college, all of that changes. It was hard to stay motivated to be fit and my love for running went away. I could not figure out what to do to be motivated again. One day, I came across Iulia in my Instagram explore feed and have been following her for over a year. I have doing her work outs before she even had an app, and it has made a huge difference in my lifestyle. The app has made using her program so much easier, but I have always been a fan of hers. It’s perfect for people who want to see a change in themselves in a fun way. Instead of only focusing on flattening my stomach, I can also focus on toning up my entire body. That change in attitude has made a HUGE difference in my fitness journey. LOVE LOVE LOVE HER
Love it! I started Using this App about 4 months ago and I couldn’t be more happy. Everyday I have a workout already set up for me, I just need to do it! This makes my life so much easier! I struggled with what to do at the gym so this helps a lot. I actually follow the women that made this app on Instagram and I just love her! She is amazing and I love supporting her. Shesh only 12$ a month it’s completely worth it. She also has her own brand Uppergear I believe it’s called and I’m really hoping to be able to get some things from her in the future when I can. I recommend anyone who needs a set workout plan to use this app or anyone who just wants to break a sweat!
Loveee. Absolutely love this app! I have stuck with it for 1 year now and happy I did! It’s worth every penny and cheap if you consider the training you get from this app! The results are the proof! I have definitely gained muscle as well as toned and defined my body by using this app! I’m in the best shape of my life as well as the most confident I have ever been in my life! I get so many compliments about my body lol honestly and it’s because of this app! Five stars.
Great workout options. Love her workout plans. When I first started using this app I had been following her on Instagram for a while and kinda didn’t know what to do in the gym. Once I started using this I saw changes in my body and gained so much confidence walking into the gym knowing exactly what to do and how to perform the exercises correctly. There are so many different workout options, home included, there is definitely something for everyone!
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Love Iulia. I love Iulia’s app more than anyone else’s because I love the fact that the workouts change EVERY Sunday. There’s not a week where you feel like you did the same thing last week or a few weeks prior. It’s challenging and there’s so many different goals to choose from. I’ve been doing it for over a year and always see progress and love having the structure.
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A life changer 💕 I am 46 years old and in the best shape of my life after using this app for a year. Not only have I seen amazing physical results, but the mental health benefits I get by working out are even better. I used to go to the gym and feel somewhat lost and intimidated. But using this app changed that. I now walk in confident and know what I’m doing, and leave feeling proud, and exhausted in the best way!!! I recommend this app to all my friends and I’m constantly mentioning it on social media. Iulia answers any questions personally, which I think is great!!
Great consistent workouts! If you know anything about muscle growth it’s that you need to work your WHOLE body. And Iulia’s app does that! Yes, you can shape your booty-but in order to do so you must strengthen your upper body to see results in your booty! Doing only abs will not give you a 6 pack! I love this app because there’s always something new and it’s SO approachable and informative! You will see results if you’re CONSISTENT and stick to her sets, reps, and target spots (push vs pull) rotated everyday. TOTALLY worth it!
Best workout app around. I’ve used other apps and quickly quit. This one is different. She makes it so simple. This app is the only reason I have quit on the gym for the 18th time. I get there and no exactly what to do. I have felt a difference in both my strength and the loss of body fat on my body since starting this app in January. I am so grateful to her for creating this app and teaching me how to maximize my time at the gym. I was lost without it!
So useful and motivating! This guide is so easy to follow and I love the videos, they are super helpful to make sure your form is correct! I’ve been following Fit With Iulia on instagram for over a year now and I love her workouts! This app is super easy to use, especially on the days when I don’t really know what to do at the gym. I can easily open the app and pick what workout I want to do and follow it step by step and I am always sore!! Love her and her app!
Easiest and most effective guide. I’ve tried following a bunch of workout plans in the past and either fell bored, overwhelmed, or just felt they weren’t for me. For the first time in a long time I feel so happy and motivated to workout everyday because of Iulia. Her guides are so easy to follow and actually are AMAZING workouts. The convenience of the app and the ability to choose a regime depending on your needs is amazing. I especially love that if I can’t make the gym one day, I have the home workouts to fall back on. The workouts are tough, but worth it. I can’t recommend her enough!
This app is amazing!!! I love this app so much. I found Iulia when I was first trying to find a consistent gym regimen/trainer to work with about 7 months ago. I downloaded this app and subscribed and have used it ever since!!! I love the availability of different types of workouts depending on what you are trying to accomplish. There are great descriptions of the exercises and how to do them along with the little video to show you how! She definitely switches up the workouts every week and is always improving the app and it’s functions. Overall such a great app and I have recommended to so many people who have turned out to love it too!
YOU WILL SEE RESULTS 👏❤️ Consistency is key. This app gives so many options from home to the gym that there is really no excuse to not working out. I absolutely love it. I’ve been subscribed since even before the app came out and the dedication and consistency of the workouts are amazing!!! She switches it up so it’s not super repetitive and I love that. She’s my #1 inspiration. Her instagram videos are so cool too if you wanna give her workouts a try before you subscribe! Oh I almost forgot to mention how she has a little blog section that specifies the differences and key points of taking pre-workout, protein shakes, etc. DEFINITELY WORTH IT 🏋️‍♂️❤️

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